About RoRo

Ros-Ann “RoRo” Cann grew up in a tiny district known as Point in southern St.James; it was here she grew to love music. Her passion for music started at a young age. Ros-Ann’s musical background started in the Point Corp Salvation Army church where she took part in singing, dancing, and playing the drums. RoRo also attended Montego Bay High School for girls where she gravitated towards music; she joined the school band and mastered the art of playing the drums.

Ros-Ann now resides in the U.S. where she is furthering her education and currently holds an Associates of Science Degree in Information Technology and General Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Digital Forensics Technology. It has always been RoRo’s dream to turn her passion into her job. In 2016, she took pen to paper and wrote her dreams down and in September 2017 she took action in making her dreams and vision a reality. January 2018, RoRo Jammings Productions was an officially a registered business.

This brand has grown tremendously in 2018 but we are not where we need to be just yet. 2019 is promised to be a great year and we hope to achieve major recognition for the work presented to the world. If anyone can, Ros-Ann ‘Cann’, while still staying true to who she is and true to where she is coming from. It is fitting for the company to trademark the slogan “Love over Hype” as this is fitting to the values that Ros-Ann holds dear to her heart.