About Company

RoRoJammings Productions was established in 2017 and is the parent company for RoRo Records. With Ros-Ann “RORO” Cann serving as founder, curator and producer of the company.

We believe music can transport you to a different time and place, it makes you feel, and it connects you with other people you wouldn’t otherwise have anything in common with. Music is as diverse as the artists themselves but somehow, they are able to convey that passion and connect to everyone listening. This is why creating music is important to RoRoJammings Productions. RoRoJammings and its artists are passionate about music and you can feel it with every beat.

RoRoJammings Productions is designed to be a platform for Musicians from all over the Globe. It grants Musicians the opportunity to deliver one’s authentic music to listeners everywhere. RoRoJammings started with a background in the Jamaican Music Culture, however, it does not limit itself to one style of music or sound; it is the company’s aim to constantly evolve and grow and as such we want to eliminate restrictions and have a hand in the Music of all Subcultures.

Music is a key element in changing perceptions and giving people a voice. Which is why it is so important for RoRoJammings to stay true to its slogan, Love Over Hype. Not only is this company is devoted to spreading a message of love, but it prides itself on staying true to its roots. “Never forget where you came from, no matter how much you attain”, RoRoJammings does it for the love of music, never for the fame.