“Habla Errr Weekly” Brings Entertainment During The Pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic has caused the world to change drastically. With positive cases rising, many sought the closure of many doors, measures to reduce and manage the spread of the Coronavirus, and adapting to a “new normal” way of life. In Jamaica, the entertainment industry was hit hard as outdoor events were canceled, and members of the entertainment industry received massive losses of income. Many however, are doing their part to bring back the entertainment in their own way, and generate other forms of income. The “Habla Errr Weekly” live series is one of those outlets doing its part to keep people entertained in the pandemic.

Brought together by Medz Productions, DJ/Beatboxer/Recording Artiste Mixing Lab who hosts the series, and RoRo Jammings Productions, “Habla Errr Weekly” is a series that spins some of your favourite songs, and provides live performances from some of your favourite artists. The series is broadcasted live every Sunday at 4PM on Mixing Lab’s Instagram page. In its early stages, it started as just a one-off Instagram Live broadcast that found Mixing Lab and friends playing popular singles for followers to hear. It was positively received, but the team wanted to do more with it. Over time, “Habla Errr Weekly” grew to having thousands of followers tuned in to enjoy the sessions, and securing a Sunday afternoon time slot for broadcasts. Since its inception, “Habla Errr Weekly” has become one of the local outlets to provide “Quarantine Entertainment”, and has created a safe space for those who miss outside entertainment.

Music juggling is handled mainly by DJ Dr. Love of Mello FM 88.1, but the series has given the duty recently to DJ Krush of Krush Proof Muzik, and will accommodate other DJs in the future. Mr. Lexx, Danny English, and Alozade were the first guest artistes to perform on the series, and the series has since seen performances by Pamputtae, D’Angel, Ryme Minista, Grampa Entatain, Stylex, Macka Diamond, Little Hero, Gaza Kim, Shane-O, Bay C, G Whizz, Tifa, and Nesbeth among many others. With the growing success of “Habla Errr Weekly”, plans are in motion to extend the platform including the addition of weekly Blogs and Newsletters on, Vlogs and full episodes of past broadcasts for rewatching on their upcoming “Habla Errr TV” Youtube Channel, and welcome the addition of sponsors.

Take a break from the pandemic and tune in to “Habla Errr Weekly” every Sunday at 4PM on Mixing Lab’s Instagram page at @MixingLabBeatBox. Stay up to date with the “Habla Errr Weekly” team at @MixingLabBeatBox, @Medz_Productions, @RoRoJammings, and @DJ.DrLove.